Designing your Dream Landscape

Your Home Is You

The way you landscape your home says a lot about who and what you are. That’s why at Landscape Pros we ensure that the client’s wishes form the core of all the landscape designing we do. We go to that extra mile to understand clients' wishes, sensitivities and inclinations and incorporate them into our designs to ensure that what we create is not just beautiful but also reflects our clients’ preferences. While our design skills are there to add value to the clients' preferences and create the most beautiful landscape possible, we do not, unlike other landscape designers, force our opinion on our clients.

We Work With You

We work with you from the initial design concept onwards and stay with you, and the project, every step of the way, until it is completed. We are always onsite to ensure that the approved design is the finished landscape. Our experience, design capabilities and unwavering attention to quality are focused on delivering landscapes that provide the maximum beauty and value for a client’s investment.

How We Work

We begin by creating a plan of your current landscape and layout. This forms the basis for our site appraisal which includes:

  • What is the ratio of lawn to built up area?
  • Where will people enter and leave the lawn from and what are the traffic patterns? This ensures that freedom of movement and functionality are given their due importance.
  • What are the natural light and shade conditions? This allows us to select the right plants, foliage and colors to create the best appearance.
  • Which areas will be most used and have the maximum wear?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current landscape?

Through all these steps the client is involved as much as he or she wants to be. Once the appraisal is completed a design professional will visit your home to create a customized design which will include client preferences. This concept is then developed in our studio and presented to you as a color concept drawing which is accompanied by a detailed itemization of the materials and labor required to complete the project. We go through all this in detail with you and once the design is approved, the contract is signed and the invoice is raised. After payment is received, the installation is scheduled, once again keeping the client’s convenience in mind.

At every stage of the design process the focus is on you, your home and how you want it to look.

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